The Guide to choosing the Top Ten Best SUVS in 2016

A sports utility vehicle (SUV) is that type of vehicle that is classified as a light truck but it is operated as a family vehicle. They are also known as the suburban utility vehicle. Its body style is very popular around the world. However, there are very safe SUV’S as compared to others. In 2016, there are 10 SUV’S that are recommended as very safe and are available in the market for sale. Thy include:

Acura MDX
It a good premium midsized. It obtained good ratings in all tests that it was put through by IIHS. The car offers room for 7 people. Its price starts at $43, 015 MSRP.

Acura RDX
It is a premium compact vehicle. It passed all the crash tests it underwent through the IIHS. It is a 5 seater vehicle. Its price starts at $35,370. All-wheel-drive is optional.

Honda CRV
It has an optimal front crash prevention system. It is classified as superior and is a five seater car. It is a good choice if you are shopping for an SUV that is compact. It has much space for carrying your luggage. It is also very fuel efficient, swift and has a good steering. The make of its interior is spacious and it has a fair price of $23, 745.

Honda Pilot
It has perfect seat child anchors. It is an 8 seater vehicle. Its rating is superior.

Hyundai Tucson
It has nice child seater anchors. There are those with front wheel drive and others all-wheel drive. Its price starts at $22,700. It has a space for five people.

Lexus NX
It is available in both front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive versions.

Mitsubishi Out lander
It is a Japanese make and offers FWD and AWD versions. It has limited exterior space and can seat up to seven people. Its price begins at $22,995.

Subaru Forester
It starts at $22,395 and has a capacity for five people. All vehicles of this make have a standard symmetrical all-wheel-drive system as an outstanding feature. It, therefore, withstands harsh weather conditions like winter. It has a large cargo to carry even huge items. It is simple to use.

Toyota RAV4
It is a compact SUV. It has a capacity of 5 people and starts at $24,350. It is a luxurious car and is available in AWD and FWD versions. For those looking for more MPG, Toyota offers hybrid power train.

Volvo XC60
It is a premium midsize or compact SUV. It has a good rating in a car crash. Its price starts at $36,600. Its compact system is available in FWD and AWD forms. It seats up to 5 people.

When deciding on the best SUV to purchase, you are requested to be careful in the selection process. Simply because a car is termed as SUV doesn’t mean it is a good choice altogether. Do your research keenly and wisely and only go for the best, durable makes.

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