In that classy ride of yours it is imperative to pay attention to the wheels, if you are not sure about its toughness and durability, asides from its eye-catchiness then you need to consider a few options. Avant garde wheels have more than just wheels to offer. In the competitive market of wheels, the most important thing that makes a wheel stand out is a ground breaking history of perfection, quality and design. Over the years wheels have undergone a great deal of technological enhancement which does not only tell in its luxurious outlook but also in its strength and durability. Avant garde wheels have no peer in its wheeling experience.

It boasts a top-class quality that is built on computer assisted manufacturing, rigorous testing and analysis of wheels. Imagine if you had a flawless looking wheel with fully tested capabilities and quality yet do not really fit? You may have your wheels looking all beautiful but they just do not match the automobile in size nor give it a visual balance. Cars come with different needs and the wheels they carry must be properly sized to fit in order to ensure a balance and bring out its best possible look – this detail has never been over looked by the Avant garde wheel company with wheel sizes of 17-26 inch rims with a width of 8-11 inches.

The appetite to deliver quality wheels have been a part of the Avant garde company and this stems from its proud 40 years of experience in the business. These long years of experience has helped in drilling an ardent zeal into the staff of the company. The passion for this business drives staff input as they pay attention to details while engineering wheels with unbeatable quality. The Avant garde wheels come in various colors and styles such as the glossy or hyper silver, grey and machine, gunmetal and matte black.

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