The highlight of every vehicle modification is the wheels. A lot of cars are manufactured with wheels that don’t really do justice to the slickness of the ride. This usually leads to necessary upgrades. Luxury cars often need a touch of flashiness and luster while sports cars need that rugged and aggressive look so opting for a wheel upgrade is very likely.

Different cars come with peculiar needs that are unique to them and sometimes your best pick on wheels may not have the best fitting this is why it is necessary to go for a brand that truly understands the rudiments of car modification.

When customizing your wheels there are a few things you need to consider, such as the weight, size and width, fitment, the stance and the finishes. With Avant Garde wheels you are sure of the best fitment and quality available in the market.



Avant Garde wheels are low pressure casts which are extremely light in weight; this is a very important feature as the speed of a vehicle is affected by its parts. Less weight means more speed. This is better when compared with the gravity cast wheels. Avant Garde comes with a modern look; perfect factory fit and wheel sizes of the range of 17 and even over 20 plus sizes. The benefits of the Avant Garde wheels are:

  • Strength, lightness and durability
  • Great designs with a wide variety to choose from
  • Gives your vehicle a fresher look with a more aggressive stance
  • Best finishes in the wheel industry. These finishes include; black, silver, black 2 tones, machined, brushed, graphite, gunmetal, grey, gold and bronze.

Avant Garde sets new standards for excellence in the wheel industry with superior custom rims that are reliable and gives your vehicle the best fitting.

The innovation and passion of the brand is simply extraordinary as it continues to break grounds with intricate and sophisticated designs, offsets and sizes. This is why car brands proudly rock Avant Garde wheels.

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