The highlight of every vehicle modification is the wheels. A lot of cars are manufactured with wheels that don’t really do justice to the slickness of the ride. This usually leads to necessary upgrades. Luxury cars often need a touch of flashiness and luster while sports cars need that rugged and aggressive look so opting for a wheel upgrade is very likely.

Different cars come with peculiar needs that are unique to them and sometimes your best pick on wheels may not have the best fitting this is why it is necessary to go for a brand that truly understands the rudiments of car modification.

When customizing your wheels there are a few things you need to consider, such as the weight, size and width, fitment, the stance and the finishes. With Avant Garde wheels you are sure of the best fitment and quality available in the market.



Avant Garde wheels are low pressure casts which are extremely light in weight; this is a very important feature as the speed of a vehicle is affected by its parts. Less weight means more speed. This is better when compared with the gravity cast wheels. Avant Garde comes with a modern look; perfect factory fit and wheel sizes of the range of 17 and even over 20 plus sizes. The benefits of the Avant Garde wheels are:

  • Strength, lightness and durability
  • Great designs with a wide variety to choose from
  • Gives your vehicle a fresher look with a more aggressive stance
  • Best finishes in the wheel industry. These finishes include; black, silver, black 2 tones, machined, brushed, graphite, gunmetal, grey, gold and bronze.

Avant Garde sets new standards for excellence in the wheel industry with superior custom rims that are reliable and gives your vehicle the best fitting.

The innovation and passion of the brand is simply extraordinary as it continues to break grounds with intricate and sophisticated designs, offsets and sizes. This is why car brands proudly rock Avant Garde wheels.


In that classy ride of yours it is imperative to pay attention to the wheels, if you are not sure about its toughness and durability, asides from its eye-catchiness then you need to consider a few options. Avant garde wheels have more than just wheels to offer. In the competitive market of wheels, the most important thing that makes a wheel stand out is a ground breaking history of perfection, quality and design. Over the years wheels have undergone a great deal of technological enhancement which does not only tell in its luxurious outlook but also in its strength and durability. Avant garde wheels have no peer in its wheeling experience.

It boasts a top-class quality that is built on computer assisted manufacturing, rigorous testing and analysis of wheels. Imagine if you had a flawless looking wheel with fully tested capabilities and quality yet do not really fit? You may have your wheels looking all beautiful but they just do not match the automobile in size nor give it a visual balance. Cars come with different needs and the wheels they carry must be properly sized to fit in order to ensure a balance and bring out its best possible look – this detail has never been over looked by the Avant garde wheel company with wheel sizes of 17-26 inch rims with a width of 8-11 inches.

The appetite to deliver quality wheels have been a part of the Avant garde company and this stems from its proud 40 years of experience in the business. These long years of experience has helped in drilling an ardent zeal into the staff of the company. The passion for this business drives staff input as they pay attention to details while engineering wheels with unbeatable quality. The Avant garde wheels come in various colors and styles such as the glossy or hyper silver, grey and machine, gunmetal and matte black.

The Guide to choosing the Top Ten Best SUVS in 2016

A sports utility vehicle (SUV) is that type of vehicle that is classified as a light truck but it is operated as a family vehicle. They are also known as the suburban utility vehicle. Its body style is very popular around the world. However, there are very safe SUV’S as compared to others. In 2016, there are 10 SUV’S that are recommended as very safe and are available in the market for sale. Thy include:

Acura MDX
It a good premium midsized. It obtained good ratings in all tests that it was put through by IIHS. The car offers room for 7 people. Its price starts at $43, 015 MSRP.

Acura RDX
It is a premium compact vehicle. It passed all the crash tests it underwent through the IIHS. It is a 5 seater vehicle. Its price starts at $35,370. All-wheel-drive is optional.

Honda CRV
It has an optimal front crash prevention system. It is classified as superior and is a five seater car. It is a good choice if you are shopping for an SUV that is compact. It has much space for carrying your luggage. It is also very fuel efficient, swift and has a good steering. The make of its interior is spacious and it has a fair price of $23, 745.

Honda Pilot
It has perfect seat child anchors. It is an 8 seater vehicle. Its rating is superior.

Hyundai Tucson
It has nice child seater anchors. There are those with front wheel drive and others all-wheel drive. Its price starts at $22,700. It has a space for five people.

Lexus NX
It is available in both front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive versions.

Mitsubishi Out lander
It is a Japanese make and offers FWD and AWD versions. It has limited exterior space and can seat up to seven people. Its price begins at $22,995.

Subaru Forester
It starts at $22,395 and has a capacity for five people. All vehicles of this make have a standard symmetrical all-wheel-drive system as an outstanding feature. It, therefore, withstands harsh weather conditions like winter. It has a large cargo to carry even huge items. It is simple to use.

Toyota RAV4
It is a compact SUV. It has a capacity of 5 people and starts at $24,350. It is a luxurious car and is available in AWD and FWD versions. For those looking for more MPG, Toyota offers hybrid power train.

Volvo XC60
It is a premium midsize or compact SUV. It has a good rating in a car crash. Its price starts at $36,600. Its compact system is available in FWD and AWD forms. It seats up to 5 people.

When deciding on the best SUV to purchase, you are requested to be careful in the selection process. Simply because a car is termed as SUV doesn’t mean it is a good choice altogether. Do your research keenly and wisely and only go for the best, durable makes.

The 2016 SEMA Auto show

The 2016 SEMA Auto show, which took place between 2nd and 4th of November 2016, at the Las Vegas Convention Centre culminated in a show of the boldest and most fascinating cars and vehicle concepts of the year. This year’s show brought together a great number of vehicle manufacturers and modifiers from around the globe. Though the American car manufacturers dominated the floor of the 3 day event, other manufacturers outside the US like the Korean maker KIA and Hyundai as well as Japanese car giants Toyota were not left behind. The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) event of 2016 showcased an array of vehicles and modifying vehicle parts that can never been showcased in other auto shows around the globe. Here is a list of the five most outstanding machines debuts and their specifics in the show.

1. Chevrolet COPO Camaro/Turbo Auto X
This was one stood out as one of the most realistic models in the auto show. General Motors is on the verge of producing a four-cylinder Camaro which will not only be the cheapest, but also the lightest in weight. It will come with â€plus performance’ for better stabilization and stiffer suspensions. It will be powered by a 2.0 Liter LTG four cylinder turbo-charged engine. The autocross/Auto X aspect guarantees incredibly good handling. The general outlook of the Camaro will be quite impressive having an aggressive and equally sporty look. It is definitely a vehicle to look out for in the future.

2. Ring brothers’ “Madam V” Cadillac
This was one of the most fascinating vehicles in the show. Why? It is designed and built with parts from a number of donor cars. The caddy is built with parts and a few concepts found in the 1948 Cadillac coupe and the 2015 and 2016 ATS-V. The model may be that of an old Cadillac but all other specifications including the interior and engine are modern. It is powered by a 3.6 liter V6 engine generating over 460 HP. That notwithstanding, this Cadillac stood out as one of the most appealing vehicles in the show. Already, it has won the Ridler and America’s Most Beautiful Roadster.


3. Mazda MX-5 Speedster Evolution and RF Kuro
This was an upgrade of the models that were showcased in the same event the previous year; the MX-5 Speedster and Spyder. Though largely influenced by the two previous models, the Mazda MX-5 Speedster evolution and RF kuro came with a new appealing and aggressive look and weighed much less. Both came with a sticky finger design and ride on 17 inch ray wheels. Both vehicles are powered by a 2.0 liter engine capable of producing over 150 HP and a top speed of 160MPH. They are definitely a pair to look out for in 2017.

4. Hyundai Veloster Gurnade This three door coupe concept from Hyundai was also a car worth checking out. With a redesigned outlook, the Gurnade looks sporty, aggressive and ready to race. Riding on 19-inch OZT three-piece forged wheels and a 6 speed gear box, the Gurnade is powered by a 1.6 liter, 4 cylinder turbo charged engine with an output of over 200 HP.

5. Toyo Tires Tesla Model X Unplugged Performance
Toyo Tires showcased a number of upgraded models on a number of cars including the Tesla model X. Fitted with unplugged performance sports suspension, the model x will be one of the best performing and handling vehicles in its category. It will be fitted with 19 inch wheels and may be fitted with a 100 kWh battery capable of doing 289 miles before recharge. It will be capable of hitting 60MPH in a record 2.9 seconds.The above models were some of the most outstanding cars in the SEMA 2016 show. There were other models also that had specifics and appealing to the eye. The five models described above are however, the ones to look out for in the future.

The Rat Rod Era in North America

The “auto war” between the rat rod society and the hot rod society has been going on for quite some time now. In simple words, a rat rod is a recycled car usually created from scraps of old vehicles. However, it is called rat rod because it is made to look like hot rod cars but it is rather a degraded form of hot rod cars. The traditional hot rod cars have a very distinctive look with chopped front, dropped front axle, side pipes and large engines. There are several explanations of the name behind hot rods. One of the explanations is that the term “hot rod” refers to the refitting of a new and more powerful engine into an old vehicle for better performance. This explanation fits well the description of rat rod cars as well since rat rod cars are modified versions of old vehicles. In case of rat rods, it’s not only the engine which comes from a different vehicle but also most of the parts that go into the basic structure of a car. While the rat rod society considers their creations as matters of pride and the future of the hot rod, these creations are considered as disgrace to the hot rod society. Like the creations themselves, the debate is hot and spicy. The rat rod society perceives themselves as independent and creative designers who create their own unique designs using available and affordable materials. However, the critics perceive them as talentless and their creations as pile of junk.

The exclusive rat rod created from a BMW 2002 by owner John Lee might be an eyesore to haters of rat rods, but to its lovers it is another brand new innovation in the history of rat rods. John owned this BMW 2002 since he was in high school until one fine morning when John felt like giving it a new life in his auto experiment and innovation lab, Atlanta Performance and Fabrication (APF). His BMW 2002 was already a rare collection with its high revving acceleration and gravity defying handling unmatchable by its peers even today. John’s transformation of the car has made it even more attractive. He started off with framing using spare tubing and then went on adding coilovers from C5 Chevrolet Covrette, the coilovers which is one of the distinctive features of the C5 Chevrolet Covrette and can serve as both ride spring and anti-roll spring. With a complete makeover using long abandoned parts from his APF garage, his rat rod now has switched from a left had steering to a right hand steering as well as a roof-mounted shifter. The steering rack came from the sports classic Cobalt SS and the control arms were taken from a Panoz racer. The Chevrolet Covrette also loaned its LS1 V8 engine to be bolted with the super turbine TH350 automatic gearbox. The last piece of decoration was the headers before John’s rat rod was finally ready to go out in the street to make a statement.